I am a user experience generalist and I love what I do. I am currently employed at athenahealth in Watertown, MA where I research and design interactions for the hospital EHR system. Previously I worked at  CA Technologies doing research into better business management and strategy tools and at TripAdvisor as a UX generalist and team of one I cover all major products and concepts that require user research. Prior to joining TripAdvisor my educational research focuses on usable privacy and security, making security protocols easy and accessible for all computer users. More specifically, my work has focused on the different ways that people cope and work with security and privacy mechanisms, including their beliefs, habits and justifications. I have additional industry experience through my undergraduate co-op positions as a Usability Analyst at the University of Windsor and as a User Experience Researcher at Google Inc.

My HCI and UX interests are exploratory research, interface design and interactions on the Internet. In the past few years I have internalized the “speed wins” mentality of TripAdvisor and have prided myself on being able to excel in an agile environment. My position at TripAdvisor allows me to indulge both qualitative and quantitative research to find actionable results and recommendations.

Outside from my professional life, I spend most of my time cooking. I love experimenting with food and have been learning where to buy local whole foods and how to cook vegetarian more often. Because of my love for cooking, I also love yoga. I find the benefits of yoga are not just a healthy body but a healthy mind.

Email: contact@jannaweber.com